Interconnectedness of Soul

When the sun arises from its deep sleep,
The mourning grave of dead awoke.
As thy feet touches the ground- cold breeze in each tip,
Wind caressing my breath,
As trees dances its ray.
Water flows beyond the ground
Denting its catastrophic-sweet- taste of life,
Thou, my life,
You are.
The greens in my eye fills the blue in my heart,
Ye, come to me, be with me.
Hold on,
The wind starts to growl,
The waves- tempered arises,
The skies become dark.
Everythings' in ashes,
A gloomy scene of cemetery
Where does it takes?
Turn out like this?
Run and run
As the Mother is mad,
Burning my wings and polluting my air,
My water,
How shall I drink?

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