i am biding time
while city smog fills my lungs
throngs of wolves confine me
trucks rumble inches from my face
and the hem of her skirt eludes me.

i wake to the symphony
of drilling below my window
hard hat weebles in orange
take turns blasting the earth
beneath my feet
while she sleeps in satin sheets.

white noise emanates in
the odor of Chinatown
roasted noosed ducks
adorn restaurant windows
as she dines in Little Italy
and sips Chianti


sifting through ashes
under souls’ day’s sun
shards of photographs
scattered and torn
like a jigsaw scene
whose pieces will
never assemble
flaunts its insouciance.

her ghost still haunts me
under endless cobalt skies
whose plangent winds
mimic the cathedral’s requiem.

her subtle mourning smile
creeps through this sepulchre
and seven crows are feasting.


buzzing street lamps
flood the moonless
august room
splashing shadows
beneath the clicking fan.

her hair cascades upon his face
like Turin’s shroud.

anointed bodies
confessing carnal sins
she draws him into
the sacred chamber.

her ecstasy he seeks
his flesh is burning beneath her
and a diamond grazes his throat.


sunshine shrapnel ricochets off these walls
dispelling the darkness into daylight’s saturation.
i look outside myself
facades are diaphanous.
blind terror takes over me
as threads of truth
flash before me
like sulfur.

the nausea wells
there is no remedy
truth means death.

we all need lies.

i lie.


sustains life
with plastic flora
disguising cracks
on trodden soil.

light is renounced
as it shrouds the land
lies run deep within the ground.

can’t be read
balance is kept
though the darkness
seeps through.

relent to reprieve
no need for punishment
bask in the light
if only for a moment.

the rest forgives
let it all nourish
no need for fear
there is no winter.


brilliant viridian hearts
ungraced by the sun
shimmer in the darkness of day.

thorns abound amidst the fated path
wielding daggers to dissever
a consecrated union
no Law can rend.

taking flight like the thrush pursued
by feline talons protracted
vultures circle their prey unseen
and swoop their quarry unaware
preserving the glimmer of stargazers’ rays.


the clock has been reset
it finally stopped blinking
ghost minutes are reappearing
twelve arises from the dead.

the clock on the wall no longer ticks
the batteries all ran out
like a stream in a drawn out draught
the fan desists its steady clicks.

the silence of the clock face
immortalizes the moment
we consummate the covenant
and the Universe blesses our embrace.

Time ensures eternal fulfillment
Destiny had aligned the stars in place.

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