Interlude 79

It's been a long day
Left puzzled in dis maze
Growing through da phase
Changin', re-examine my ways
My time alone on this earth
Abandoned since birth
dis melody I sang
Imitates a soul in da dirt
When I saw you
I wuz exclaimed
Ta see you were a dame
Tryna master da game
But da role I play
Gave you time to upgrade
Enlighten yo soul
Can't bear queens on my board
Left alone as a pawn
To live n carry on
Didn't heed yo mama's words
Now left ta hear da pavement cracks
On da curb
Alleyways n gutters
Of first come first served
I observed her way of life
Da intimate ghetto fabulous things
She lay, years deprived
Of this art my kin derived
Tryna reach a height
Don't let her crawl
Tumble down past
Surely she won't fall
You know wat you know
Not enough
But da black po'
So she seduce men
Da stride wuz her pole
Unlock da black man chest
To da inner gold of his flesh
So rare its hard to glimmer
In eyes dat flare
Its lustful needs to shimmer
Arisen fromda cracks of strife
Grows strong
Treads through all walks of life
Da hungry thunder rolls
Is she thirsty
Should I po'
I guess I'll let her float on in time
N let mine n her lost love steer
A course to roll on by

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