Interludes Of A Night Rat

You can not plan out the day's use of words.
You can not predict noon's thoughts and moods.
You can not lasso in the interludes of reality
And press it here with the carnations
Destined for long life,
Pressed in the good book,
The big black book filled with violence and salvation.
You can not know the answers found in the twilight of now.
Know the reasons why life is a big test.
Know the questions never asked or seen beforehand.
The big test with no answer key.
You can not lasso in the interludes of reality.
You can not take time and sit on it
So it won't get away.
But it does, my friends.
Like the night rat,
Time sneaks outside the house every night for
The bigger crumbs.
It's comforting these days to look into the mirror
And see an old man ready for the voyage,
A final voyage beyond the noon's thoughts and moods.
I sit in the still caressing of death.
I sit in the still cemetery
And I can hear the barn owl eating the night rat.

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