Internet Love

And I just have a pretty picture,
Staring back at me,
Blue eyes and a bronze face.
Speaking words of love,
Watering my loneliness,
Pleasuring your desire.
Holding my paper virginity as it kindles in the fire.
Because to me you're simply a figure.
No more.
No less.
You water my loneliness, I pleasure your desire.
We trade love songs back in forth,
And over again.
I imagine greatness in your pixilated gesture.
You imagine ample breast in mine.
But again the phone dies to a quite hush.
And all that I am left with is your sweet honeyed text and snap-chatted pictures.
Still pretty,
And cold as if you were a stranger.
As if you are unknown.

And yet although we are strangers you fill my ears with lust and for that,
I am your petty lover.

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