Interrogation: Ms. Understood

This path that I walk is risky, steadily escaping doom
Approached by the law that strongly believes their views are true
Arrested from my thoughts then brought into a dim room
There she stood, staring at me without a clue
She said she will ask a couple questions then I'll be on my way soon
She asked why don't I conform to the norm and follow the easier view
I said I consume the path of poverty and never seen a silver spoon
When your options are bars or the tomb, soon you will understand too
Lost in the fumes of her cigarette she ask will I go down that path
I replied of course, it is fine that you are not a fan
I knew we weren't the same and I'm willing to deal with the aftermath
You won't find me apart of the crowd, bleachers or under the stands
She couldn't understand, she got closer revealing her heavy make-up
She ordered the guards to terminate me
I had a feeling it was a set up
I tried to escape but there were more of them than there were of me

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