Into endless sleep for me

I was scared,was torn
And I took to the night
I slipped further down
I was hopeless and broken
No one opened the door for me
I was hiding and you shut the light
As if this world meant nothing to you
You were my everything until you gave up
I let the cruel blade shine over
Knowing that death stands behind me
You put yourself at front
You sat with death watching you from across the room
Shielded from your memories
learned the cruel truth of faith
Realizing the false entity of fate who brought such a thing
A thing called hope to crush the spirit further
Look where it led you now
The demons are back and stronger than ever
I am the human contradiction
When I wake up I want to see nothing
Isn’t that the point
Because I don’t want to wake up anymore.
When they call my name I don’t open my eyes
Because tonight? Well, tonight I died even more Then I died before.

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