Into the Distance

From a distance, separated by destiny.
A love is lost. An opportunity
is missed. A chance left un-taken.

Just a passing moment
of strangers in the night. Two people
who stroll by each other, with nothing
but a passing glance and a skipped heartbeat.

Two lost souls, desperately longing to be found,
catch a glimmer of hope, in each other's eyes.
But neither, willing to let themselves be caught.

A spark that didn't catch fire, smolders
on the ground, in the pouring rain.
Extinguishing the hope, and desire, of what the future might hold.

From a distance, two strangers stop. Each taking a glance
into the past. The distance between them
to immense to turn back now. So they allow themselves, to move on
with just the memory of what could have been.

Allow themselves to fade away, into the distance. Into
the future. Away from each other. One of them, moves on. Easily
let's go. The other vows, to not let another missed opportunity
slip away, into the distance.

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