Into the Eyes

The deep reflection of the soul does cause the heart to quake
The laughing light of purest love will forge together wandering fate
All emptiness entraps the mind of friends who share the road of youth
Stumbling below and falling fast, yet strongly held by love of truth
A piercing gaze ignites the heart, the breath within will not release
The soaring spirit feels amazed as trembling in this veil of peace
Then eyes meet-the light enjoins standing there with wings to fly
A bond of brotherhood and faith as souls soar onward to the sky
In dreams of past a vision clear became a subject of embrace
Pure love abounds as hearts of one ignites as stories on the face
To talk, to share, to understand the memory of times sea
The power of familiar souls creates the journey yet to be
With happenstance forgotten, woe replaced by music's ecstasy
As standing near in every song when eyes they meet to set them free
A climb above the mountain air supplanting any mourn or grief
Ascending there to gaze throughout entwined in majesty's relief
Crescendo deepens in the heart as sapphire gaze enthralls each sense
The body's pounding pulse revives as dancing feelings do commence
The amber eyes cannot retreat, the truth engraved within their stare
As long as life and hope shall stand, their open rays are ever there
Mirrors reflection cannot see, no doubt can swallow magic's fire
Into the eyes of peace is found the everything of hearts' desire

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