Into The Trees

I had a dream the other night
an entire forest fighting for its life
Birches, Aspens, Elms,
Oak, and Wormwood Groves
burning to the ground
in a flaming whirlwind
all I could do was hope for it's good from my view.
The trees swayed as their bark gave way
sap seeped, exposing the vulnerable insides of each
It was me who was writhing,
I felt as if it were me dying
their roots screamed loudly overpowering me
I woke up sweating, thinking,
thank goodness I was only dreaming...
But the feeling stuck with me
as the day went about unfolding
bound to move along with or without me.
I suddenly found myself missing
my own roots, life itself had led me to grow
so far, and now, it was time to hunker down
focus on what lies underground
sink my teeth beneath the surface
least I become the tree to attract the lightning
that bring down others in the valley around me...
the thought gave me wings,
It was truly illuminating.

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