Into The Woods

By GEO   

Come into the woods with me,
and smell the earth beneath your feet.
Here the sounds of nature call,
come into the woods with me.
I go to find the strenths of me soul,
the deeper I walk in the forest floor,
the mind starts to clear and my souls fire glows.
Meaningless thoughts fade away.
The soul sets the pace
as we walk together,
we are connected forever and ever.
I feel myself come out from within,
knowing my time here has a limited end.
I am not scared for what is next.
I hear a familiar voice say,
"Come home child with me
where you beautiful soul can always be free."
I looked behind me and say with a smile,
"Come walk with me that one last mile."

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This Poems Story

This poem is about finding myself , as I took a walk through the woods on a breath taking light up curved wooded floor.