Intoxicated Devastation

The weight of a thousand burdens lie upon her
As she walks down the perilous road of despair alone.
Empty words, hollow promises hinting at betrayal.
Time stops as she recalls the wrongs of the past,
Vanishing in a river of nostalgia.
Daggers of irritation stab her as sands of time diffuse
Bringing back her inescapable reality.
Paralyzed, she watches the wounds she buried resurface
As they bleed the darkest shade of red.
All hope’s lost as the sailor prepares to abandon ship.

A numb and battered soul, a speck in a cruel world.
Worn out as a sheet of sandpaper after excessive use,
She has ample reasons to let herself stay adrift
In a sea of contempt and broken trust.
Regret courses through her veins rapidly
Like a warrior returning to her fallen kingdom.
Rage warps around the cage of her mind
As its' embers grow with the ferocity of the flame.
A tsunami full of anger and remorse surge within her
Destroying everything in its' path, not looking back.

Lost in her agony, like an alcoholic drowning sorrow
In an overflowing river of whiskey and memories
Only to wake up sober with the pain emerging again.

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