She was so dangerously kind.
The type to always sit in the back of your mind.
Never too bold, but always she shines.
And she bursts from the seams, yet she still stays in line.
She brought me peace, and I brought her time.
She taught me freedom, and then I gave her mine

...and yet

She was so dangerously blind.
But for you, I’d ignore all the signs.
Shout from the rooftops that this girl was fine.
Like flames from a Phoenix, or threads of a vine.
Toxic she was, but the poison was mine.
And I felt every word, as if it were numbing my spine

...and so

She was so dangerously sublime.
With a heart of gold, and skin of pine.
If our love was wrong, then our love is crime.
And I think she knew, yet it felt benign.
A calm and gentle mountain that could never be climbed.
She was dangerously kind, but could never be mine.

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