I have found myself bolted between two incompatible worlds.
Happiness and emptiness. Isolation and broadening my horizons.
Nostalgia and the erosion of my destined subsequence.
Endearment and loathe. Distinguishing true colors
and those who paint their essential being.
Clenching my dignity and sanity so tightly but yet
the temptation to withdraw and let it all
just ooze into the cracks of this earth.
Walk among fire or disarm my nerve.
Drowning while watching everyone else breath.
Adjust to the dark but that light is so potent.
I feel so fragile but so sturdy that i can almost taste it.
I am trying to make sense of this chaos...
but also the beauty.. i want to grasp it.
Now im just in a web of my own decisions.
I can train myself to form my capacity
of perspective into an ything i am determined to ,
with such great keen persistence.
Its a gift. I'll conquer. Because one thing that
has siezed me is passion. Its in my bones. Runs through my veins.
Flares through my eyes. Lives in my heart.
Passion keeps me alive. It will hold my universe to gether.
Im itching for fullfilment. Life and death is inevitable.
Make what you want of it. What do you crave.. go mad.
Become intoxicated with your existence.
Oh, life is ironic.
So easy but yet hard to understand.
Subtle differences im eager to contradict.
a wave im going to continue to ride.
a mystery i am going to solve.

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