I asked them to give me a chance
Maybe even to notice me at first glance
Trying to hold a strong stance
Because I knew that I could advance
I said let me stand for who I am
Don't suffocate me with the stereotypes that fall out of your mouth like all the other words that you use to choke me with
Feeling naked as a blanket of confidence was stripped off me
Society’s insecurities suddenly holding me within its arms

I was told that my male peers were stronger, smarter
And that I should take caution to be guarded, quiet
We teach our girls to prosper, but not too prosperous
We teach our girls to be strong, but not too strong
Because both of us know damn well that these may be a threat to the men around us
Apparently, my sole purpose here was to look pretty and will always be
I want them to read my story and call me glory
And observe my move just to prove that I can Stand strong, so why don't you all come along?
Around us, we notice signs of injustice
I am not his princess, but much rather my OWN ruler

They began mocking me
Just to lower my self-esteem
They looked for avoidance and incompetence
But when we came together and stood strong,
All they found was pure CONFIDENCE

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