It was late in the noon, the sunlight gold and splayed
When I wandered through the forest, no others in my stay.
That was when my mother called me, her voice loud and all afraid;
“Where are you, darling, where are you?” She hailed. “Come home!”

I shouted out to her, for I did not want to leave.
The flowers at my feet were being quite the tease.
And the river, it looked so peaceful, with its ripples and its surge.
“Where are you?” My mother wailed. “Please, darling, come home.”

Hesitantly I rose from that compelling water hearth
And started back toward the mirthless voice that called me.
“Coming, I’m leaving!” I told her, the sunlight now gray and waning;
I did not realize how late it had become.

However when I returned to my little house, it had an empty air.
My mother was not present, had never even been there.
She was at work, no other place did she attend;
I told her what had happened, and this to me she said:
“Do not go into the woods again today.”

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