By Lux   

I was lonely before you came.
so, I began looking for love.
a luck struck me on day one.
I found a girl of my dreams.

I never told you, my accomplishment.
I never wanted you to know it at all.
so, I became mum about my life.
just to chase you away

then I came to a point
whereby I decide on telling you.
at least a little bit about myself
that's where I went wrong.

you became like a virus.
affecting all of my data
I tried to remove you.
but the damage was already done.

she left me early.
like she never loved me before
so now I am back to square one.
back with you virus

you know how to invade.
you know how to destroy.
I'm lonely like I used to
it's a life I deserve.

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This Poems Story

I was in a relationship that lasted about a year, then things got sour, and I had to take a step back so I can observe my surroundings. I realized that I lost that girl because of my pride which I refer as a virus. Without it I was the best. When it came to cooperation, we were the best out of them all, but I allowed pride to take over and save me from being a daily fool for her.