Invasion of My Privacy

Such a strong force has come over me,

Now it is dark and I cannot see.

Such hatefulness was in his eyes,

He looked like my friend in disguise.

I feel him gripping and holding me tight,

But I am too weak, I can't put up a fight.

I did not make a peep; I did not make a sound.

I just lied there struggling on the cold, hard ground.

Visions running through my mind;

How can someone be so unkind?

Finally he's finished and pulls away;

I am still stunned; I don't know what to say.

My eyes are bloodshot; my hair is a mess,

And I was standing there half undressed. 

Walking down a dark street alone;

Where can I go, I don't want to go home. 

I can't look in the mirror; I'm scared what to see.

I can't look in the mirror; she doesn't look like me. 

So I'll go on feeling this bitter shame,

Always wondering if I were to blame.

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