You say you see me
but do you really?
you see my smile, not my tears
all these years saying look at her
but you didn't care
this feeling is hard to bear
The scars that were made
Will never fade
I know just what you're going to say
that everyone feels this way
but when it's dark out
And I can see the moonlight intrude upon my room
the silent screams that burn my throat
sometimes it's hard for me to cope
so I put up walls to keep people from getting in
I shut the door and locked it tight
Now this feeling within me is like a blight
I’m sick of putting up a fight
this feeling of despair
you look at me but you don't see
the broken heart I CAN'T fix
I’ve tried with tape and glue
And now I know it’s true
That no one really sees me
so alone I stay
Each and everyday I'm INVISIBLE

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