Invisible Ghost

A timeless waste. when you see my face.
Memories don't erase in time or space.
A spirit needs a host. A possession of a ghost.
A destiny you desired the very most.
The trees whisper a presence.
Mysteriously treasured in essence.
A being borrowed an end that is sorrowed.
Yesterday, today, & tomorrow.
Uncontrolled fate.....
it was the last that it had to create.
A perfect image to make.
A nightmare or dream.
Energy channels like prism beam.
Suspended & frozen.
A path is chosen.
Enchanted spells.
Lies you can not tell.
Truth prevails.
Anger yells.
Strange curiosity.
Confused atrocity.
Politeness smiles, happiness stays awhile.
Unheard & confined, defeat twists & binds.
Words spoken are unkind.
Friendships you can not find.
Seduction whispers a tune filling the room.
A plan in motion to happen soon.
At night, in the morning, evening or afternoon.

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