Invisible Man (inspired by Ralph Ellison)

I am an Invisible Man.
I am no ghost. Nor do I haunt the ones around me.
This is no poem like Edgar Allen Poe yet it's no different.
Invisible cause’ people refuse to look at me.
When they get close to me it's like they see through me.
They see that tall tree behind me.
They see that car parked on the right of me.
They see everything but me.
This isn't a scientific reasoning but in fact emotional.
The lies and deceit.
“I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me” he states.
Being black means that I can be invisible and not even looked upon.
Being a black female and reading this book should I be invisible
To be really honest, I am afraid.
I am different but I have a lot to offer.
My skin color shouldn't define me.
I dont want people to define me I want to define myself.
Look at me!
I am a highly visible WO-man

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