Invisible Strength, Invisible Me

Invisible strength, invisible me
Me who loves, me who laughs
Laughs all day, laughs all night
Night is dark, night is death
Death is you, death is I
I want to die, I want to live
Live for now, live for the future
Future is tomorrow, future i n my school
School where I like people, school where I learn
Learn for me, learn for my sister
Sister who I love, sister who brings me joy
Joy is happiness, Joy is Megan
Megan who I miss, Megan who loves Shrek
Shrek is love, Shrek is life
Life is boring, life is dull
Dull is my pencil, dull is your pencil
Pencil with you, pencil with me
Me is loved, me is hugs
Hugs are warm, hugs are not my dad
Dad who's gone, dad who left me alone
Alone with the bullies, alone with depression
Depression I hate, depression I don't want
Want to be noticed, want to be loved
Loved by my dad, loved by everyone
Everyone thinks I'm weird, everyone thinks I'm invisible

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