Strangers pad by me
But no one can see me
In trying to scream
But no sound is made from my lips

People are rushing by so fast
Going to where they need to go
Yet I stand here stuck
Like I'm in quicksand
Slowly sinking down into darkness

Something is pulling me down
I get the feeling it wants to harm me

Why doesn't anyone help me?
I don't want leave the only place I've ever known
This is my reality
This is my home

It's getting dark
I'm getting scared
Why can't I hear or see anyone?
I close my eyes
Moments pass, or maybe hours
When I slowly open them again
My world is silent

Suddenly there's a bright light
I can hear music playing
Someone or something stands in front of me
Angel or Devil?

Definitely an Angel
Telling me that it's going to be okay
No harm will come to me here
I am safe

For the first time in a long time
I don't feel any pain
No one to hurt me ever again

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