Ireland: The Home of My Soul

My heart aches with the ache of a long-lost home,
Its broad cliffs still standing tall
My soul cries out to that isle,
For it, I will always fall

My wish is to hold my head up high,
To know that I have lived my dream
The dream of returning to the home of my soul,
That Isle of Emerald green

To know that my purpose is fulfilled,
And my sorrows cast away
To know that my home is once again mine,
Today and every day

My wish is to hear laughter,
As my children play in the fields
O'er the hills and across the moors,
To nothing may their laughter yield

To feel the breeze upon my cheeks,
Like kisses from a lover
For that is what she is to me,
The isle, that green does cover

My fair isle upon the sea,
For you I would die
Just to see you once again,
In the fields of Athenry

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