Irish Lady

I can't believe I'm actually on the other side of the planet
I guess this where I'm meant to be
Because I've met the most beautiful woman I've ever seen
And my soul can hardly stand it
I've been in love before and I promised myself
That would never happen again
Now, here I am in China
Expressing my deepest thoughts with a pad and pen
When I see her face I feel like a shy,little boy
I can't speak like I'm afraid of finding joy
What is it about her that makes me feel this way?
I'm a grown man with a deep soul but have nothing to say?

She's the epitome of beauty and intelligence
Any man would want her if he had any sense
I can't get her out of my mind
Is it possible to make her mine?
I can't help thinking that our differences are just too vast
An American black male and an Irish lass
But when you feel something you don't run away
There's no way to know where you'll be next day
I feel I'm too old to play games with matters of the heart
I may have a life full of regret if I don't try to start
By letting you know that you are a gorgeous Irish lady
And I would consider it an honor if you even said "Maybe"

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