Ironically strong

Though born through me
Yet ready to kill me?
My fault being none
But yours is the desire of a son!
You call me impure for I bleed
But let me remind you that this is your greatest need.
For if I put to it a pause
Will you be able to become new life's cause?
I know the reply is depressing
But alas! It won't remove the suppressing.

You call me the inferior gender
But I want you to know what mother nature has rendered
Stay with pain and blood all around
for just one whole day
And I bet you would be compelled to say-
"Indeed mother nature has made you stronger than me
Not equal, but superior to me"
For who can give life can take it back as well
Put your dominance over me
and Durga, a version of me, will be ringing your knell!

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