Irresistible Me

I don't know, is this love?
I don't know, can I trust? Can I trust you to be my love?
The pain is rough, I never know if or when you will crush.
An end with a tear, no smile and fear,
Love is tough,
but will I ever find anyone to see me as irresistible enough?
Am I that great?
Can I ever be that great?
No, not with this pluffed body and withdrawn face.
Irresistible, can I ever be irresistable to him?
Can he or will he ever want just me and not a thing but me?
Irresistible I say, irresistible, can I or will I ever be
an irresistible woman to him?
I am an irresistible woman,
created perfect in His sight,
and loved beyond measure,
from the King above,
who defines me His perfect creation,
irresistible me, yes,
an irresistible woman that my King can see, and that's me.

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This Poems Story

My inspiration is knowing God's unconditional love for young women who fail to see the beauty in themselves. Ultimately seeking acceptance and love through the eyes of a man and being blinded from the perfect creation we are in God.