Is it all just a dream

Every time I close my eyes, the darkness consumes me. Why?
Everywhere I look there should be something to see. Right?
It's like the older I got,
the weaker I became
Letting people change my mind is the reason I am blind. Isn't it?
Forgetting my dreams, like everyone I was behind.
Bounded by rules
That the world put on me
But no one has that right to judge me. Right?
I Got to make a change for myself
Not for the fame or the wealth
I got to do it for my health
Can't walk down a road that's beneath me.
So I'll shoot for the moon, if I miss, I'll be a star. Right?
It's So hard for one to listen when you tell Them to Wake up and realize who they truly are. Isn't it?
Especially when they don't even realize there sleeping. Why?
Is it all just a dream?

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