Is It Gone

Something so perfect, now seems so bad, wanting to restore what we once had, how do we go back, or do we just let it die not wanting to leave such a good woman but staying makes you cry, I wanted to give so much more but more seems so far away the more I stayed the less I had to display yes I know we planned to be in it together but when Love gets displaced feelings become whatever, arguments and fights don’t help the situation I can’t let this become another litigation, I knew in my heart moving in was too soon but I did it because I loved you and I hoped we would bloom, but are we destroyed are we repairable I just wanted you to smile but now it’s unbearable, on my end it’s nothing to tell, you were my best secret on your end everybody wants me in hell, I get it but I’m always judged by people that don’t know, I may be at the bottom but everyday I’m hustling so I don’t become low, im always here my heart still needs you I’m trying to let go because I don’t know if feelings are equal, I’ll wait til you’re not mad and hopefully you hear a song, and maybe you can call or text and let me know it gone?

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