Is it just the Whiskey?

All those drinks get you talking,
Yet I never know what to say,
I'd rather save these conversations for a sober day,
When you're not drinking,
You don't have much to say to me,
Then you have a few,
And you're saying you love me

Oh is it just the whiskey,
Or do you really miss me?
Is it just the beer,
That has you wanting me here?
Oh the alcohol you abuse,
Has us both so confused,
Oh is it the whiskey,
Or do you really miss me?

I want to be okay without you,
But you got to stop drinking,
Cause you call me when you're drunk,
And it really gets me thinking,
Can I be without you?
Can you be without me?
Are these drunk talks, sober thoughts?
Do you really need me?

Please lose my number,
I can't do this anymore,
No more texts, no more calls,
No more knocks on my door,
We got to move on,
This is the only way how,
It took a long time,
But I know now,

Oh it's just the whiskey,
You don't really miss me,
No, you don't really love me

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    This Poems Story

    I wrote this intending it to be a song, but I am not musically inclined at all. This is about my ex husband. We were in an on and off relationship for the past ten years, since I was fifteen, and I finally realized he didn't love me. I was just someone for him to come to when he was drunk and lonely.