Is It Me?

Everyone says to love yourself,
But what if that love’s been lost?
What if it was never taught?
What if you forgot?
What if it’s been so long,
Since someone has directed it straight to you?
To the point, that when someone says to love yourself,
You just don’t know what to do.

Maybe you felt love, but it wasn’t traditional.
It was conditional.
You’ve never felt accepted;
You felt redirected.
You’ve never been the first choice,
Always got second place.
You’ve been left behind in so many ways;
Rejection- it’s been engraved.

Is it my voice?
Is it my physique?
Is it my presence that’s weak?
Sometimes you think you’ve changed the past,
But that hope usually doesn’t last.
What can I do to change myself?
To stop feeling this way;
Trying to force myself, into believing it’s okay.

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