Is It Me?

Is it always me?
Yes I take the blame.
It’s never your fault
In this twisted game.
You tell lies to your friends
And they’ve hated me since.
You play games with my head
Laughing at my expense.
You hurt me and hurt me
And that is just fine.
I should forgive you for that
Because the fault is all mine.
That you did what you did
You blame solely on me,
It’s my fault you say
For you’ll never see.
That the blame falls on you
And yet I take the fall.
For when I go insane
From the pain of it all.
You turn your back on our love
Take my heart from my chest
Throw it down on the ground
Laying true love to rest
Until you need me again
Then you come running back
Thinking nothing has changed
But as a matter of fact
I can’t take this anymore
I must start anew
I hope you realize
The blame falls on you

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This is a poem about someone that wants their cake and gets to eat it too...