Is it Me…Or…Is It You?

“You ass! You bitch!”
“You are such a worthless piece of shit.”
All those words I meant out of anger.
I hate you and always will.
Thanks to you I can’t sit still.
I was mad. I was furious.
My emotions have taken over me.
They shouldn’t have gotten in my face.
Being in my face makes my heart race.
All I can do is pace, pace, pace.

But now… it hurts and causes so much pain.
I do care for them,
And have since day one.
My heart beats faster as time passes on.
I let my mouth get the best of me.
I over reacted when I shouldn’t have.
I let my emotions get the best of me.
As much as we argue, as much as we fight,
I can’t take back the words I have said at the end of the fight.
A fight is a fight but worse with a friend.

I’m so sorry for the way I treated you.
I wish I could turn back the years.
Live each day with less tears.
I should have stopped and listened to you.
Words can be said but not forgotten.
Fighting over a guy is nothing,
Losing a friend is something.
All guys come and go,
But good friends are hard to come by,
All I do is tend to just cry, cry, cry.
This stupid little fight has made me so mad,
That all I do is wonder why all this just for one guy?

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This Poems Story

Speaking out the true feelings between best friends who are fighting.