Is it you

Is it you? Brief sojourns into my dreams
Each night while I slumber
Is it you? Soft breath whisks my neck
Akin to tepid breeze of early summer

Is it you? Bright eyes that sparkle
Like stars I gaze above in darkened skies
Is it you? Soft whispers that speak to me
In the depths of the night

Is it you? Glowing sensations rising
Within me like the new day sun rise
Is it you? Delicate tears of joy
Like rains that nourish flowers during spring time

After discovering who you are my dear
There are things I’ve realized
There are certain things about you
I have begun to recognize

It is you; who visited in short duration
My dreams before we met
It is you; first time we embraced
I felt your soft breath on my neck

It is you; eyes bright that sparkle
As the stars do from above
It is you; soft whispers speak in volumes
To my heart and soul my love

It is you; Glowing sensations escalating
As your body lies next to mine
It is you; tears of joy we shed prove we’re soul mates
Now our spirits will be fine

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