Is love for you and me

they tell me love is for the blind because they can't see past what remains.

The only thing I remember is how he smiled right before he told me he was going away. It's funny how love is for those who listen because he never got to listen to the way I cried when I would see the sorrow in my mother's eyes.

When she realized she would have to do this on her own, that she would be a part of a broken home.

No one to call because they all were doing their own things so we relied on strangers for my guidance, to watch over me when she was low on mileage.

As much as I love my mother I love them too, they taught me a lot of things I never knew, a lot of things she could never do.

They taught me my true father can never abandon me because he is always there and cares for me

They taught me how to ride a bike without the training wheels even though I was in training still. Even though they let go I knew one day my mother wouldn’t be there to hold on so I would have to do this on my own. All I remember is the feeling of success, it rushed to my head and almost lost my breath, it rushed to my arms and I could shake it the bars came out my hand and I almost didn’t make it. Going down the road I had no idea what to do, there was only me and God and I wish there was you. Later on, i remember it like a blurry, seeing heavens gates and the windows on the door. They tell me love is for those who look beyond but love is blinding when you thought her words were binding. They said love can be found on Earth but climate change has turned it all to dust. They tell me love is for the ones that search for it outdoors and the explorers. The ones who seek what has been found, the ones who preach without their crown. But what can be found in simple words, is I love you enough? They say love is for those who dream because they are closer to heaven so it seems. But I hope love is for you and me because then love would be extraordinary

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