Is That You? We Meet Again!

The fireplace crackles in the night,
bringing warmth and peace and calm.
Golden flames do leap for joy,
throughout twilight 'til dawn.

All the while in peaceful sleep,
our dreams dance to and fro;
as if unconsciously in step,
with fiery flames aglow.

"Is that you? We meet again!"
to share our starry flight;
a dance of hopes and laughs and dreams,
that fades with morning light.

As we waltz, "I love you too,"
"You're my life, my love, my dream."
How we love these midnight songs,
that fill our hearts with glee!

Alas! the time has come to wake,
I give you one last twirl.
So begins another day,
life with my dream girl!

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem in anticipation of who I would marry in the future and what it would that to keep that love alive - sharing dreams, dances, and all those other things that keep the fire burning hot! Now that I'm married for almost 2 years, I'm happy that she was able to receive this poem and that I was patient enough to wait for the right one!