Is there any positive effect of COVID-19 pandemic?


As of last updated: October 10, 2020, 20:30 GMT,
The global COVID-19 infected cases are 37,393,354.
The virus had killed 1,076,216 people around the world.
That pandemic has changed the world order forever.
No presidents can closed cities and nations previously.
But, the small spirits can do it unanimously.
It trims global economic growth by 3.0-6.0% in 2020.
You can list 100 items and more to curse that virus.
However, philosophically to speak,
Every thing has its good side, also its bad side.
Shall we ask: "Is there any bright side of pandemic?"
All wise people that I knew could not put any words.
The most stupid friend of mine answered the question.
"Nowadays, the world population has 7.7 billion.
The clever and high educated men give less offspring.
The less clever and low educated men give more.
That brings down the quality of human beings.
The pandemic is a forced ruthless natural selection:
By sacrificing a portion of low immunity individuals,
It preserves individuals with higher immunity.
The future mankind will have longer lifespan.
The doomsday of Homo sapiens will be postponed."

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