Is This Pain?

Is it just me, or does this hurt? I try to talk
but a sound won't reach my throat
I want to scream as loud as I can
but it's just a dry wishing well that
refuses to grant me any pleasure
They say humans can only take so much torture
until they become the world's broken toys
It has taken my arms, my legs, my voice, my head,
and if that wasn't pleasing enough
it has its palms around my still beating heart
It squeezes and squeezes, and gets worse and worse
I can't tell anybody, they can't hear me, I've tried and tried.
Through all the agony, the loss, and the failures
I've managed to continue to wander
in this self-fulfilling purgatory aimlessly
Walked and walked, but as I did
so did the remains of any identity I had
I knew I was lost, I was just too afraid to admit it
My eyes wander around the mirrors that stalk me
as shadows and I glare into the dark encased portal,
as I give myself to the eternal darkness
I have lost everything
My eyes close as if the last performance ends
and the curtains fall slowly
The bitter end
couldn't have tasted anymore sweet

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