…Is what I feel…

Of course you know I don’t believe you,
When you say all those little things you do.
Exasperating as it is, as I am,
For God’s sake you even passed my silly;
if-you-want-to-be-me… preliminary exam.
Still. . .
But still. . .
Facing me, there you stand
And you bring up how in public;
I am still afraid to even hold your hand.
I don’t know. . . .
It’s just. . .
Just, an inner fear.
I strive to be the best,
you know this for a fact.
If I believe I am not good enough at something
I can’t just relax
Am I good enough for you?
your answer won’t truly matter.
My subconscious will speak for you
She won’t be friendly,
or flatter.

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