Island Of One

By Danny   

Here I am in a time,
I thought would stand still,
So full of life with this emptiness,
I'm desperately trying to fill.
No one seems to notice,
With my arms out I reach,
Just wanted something I could feel,
Not something you can teach.
Holding onto this broken hope,
Of a dream I once saw,
That time you wanted me,
Now makes me feel so small.
But I remember what it was like,
When you melted into me,
I know so well how it feels,
To be just another absentee.
Could I ever be a little more,
Then a body in a vacant tomb?
Don't want all this extra space,
Or this unwanted elbow room.
I'm not trying to die alone,
While standing next to you,
Did the price of my love,
Outweigh the cost of my value?
I constantly give you my everything,
Somehow still stuck at zero,
We all need to be saved sometimes,
Even hero's need a hero.
Continents that I conquered for you,
Just so you could hold the sun,
Now I sit on this emptiness,
Alone on your island of one.
I obediently serve your broken,
The only one to show when you call,
There I stand with my hands tied,
Just to catch you when you fall.
I believed in your darkness,
I know that you can shine,
Picking up these pieces of me,
That you carelessly left behind.
You took what you wanted from me,
Then sent me on my way.
I shouldn't have been the only one,
That wanted me to stay.
It was a long drive home that night,
Thinking of you all the while,
Why is it when I tried to love,
You painted on a smile?
Stripped my heart of possessions,
With what I held in my hand,
I search for meaning in this storm,
But I still misunderstand.
Drowning here in these thoughts,
Flipping through the pictures on my phone,
Blacking out these moments of you,
The ones that made me feel alone.
I realise that if I didn't have them,
I would of never had you,
For a short while I was happy,
With the scraps of love you threw.
I'm sitting here on this deserted beach,
Watching the tide roll in,
The waves I watch are boiling,
The air I breath is getting thin.
I see the sky is starting to melt,
Bleeding the colors of the horizon,
All I have to show for my sacrifice,
Is this God forsaken island.

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