Isn’t It Lovely?

Isn’t it lovely
When you fall so hard for someone
You don’t know how to get up
And isn’t it lovely
When she falls for you too
You pray you’ll never break up

But then shortly after
You’ve fallen so deep
You created an ocean
Of emotions you keep
And she fell for you too
But more in a pond
While you gave her your everything
She smiled and moved on

And suddenly that breakup
You prayed would never come
Is looming in the future
All you feel is numb
Because while you fell in the sea
She splashed in a puddle
Each time you’re blown off
You feel your knees buckle

It hurts you so bad
The pains in your heart
You’ll stay forever
Just hoping for a part

In her life

But every time
you reach for a hand you need
There’s nothing
Your eyes start to bleed

Clear blood
Crystal ichor
Salty sadness
Human liquor

She doesn’t need you
The way you need her
Finally you’re the reason
It’s all in a blur

Somehow you leave
Because despite all your love
She barely blinks
And now you’re free of
The constant emptiness
Of not being enough
They say it gets better
But it’s still so rough

And you’re still so broken
Your beauty, all gone
Because you lived for her
And now she’s moved on
-s. hayes

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