Isn’t Much Of A Life

living life with regret,
isn't much of a life.
living life without what makes you happy,
isn't much of a life.
living life for what was or use to be,
isn't much of a life.
living day to day for so many years,
hitting a dead end with everything you try.
knocking you on your ass time after time,
loosing what you once was and hoping to find another.
but what should you do? will you even bother,
life is too short for this kind of thinking.
so what shall you do,
but to keep in mind my mistakes and memories of you.
no one knows the pain your going through,
but it's your fault for the choices you've made.
so you hold your head up and try to be strong,
but all you really want is to be gone.
gone from your heart that breaks everyday,
gone from your mind that won't let thoughts go away.
isn't much of a life.

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