Isolated from everyone I've ever known.
Protecting them from a virus that's unknown.
They call it Covid or Corona it's highly contagious.
Dangerous my pain is coming in stages.
It all started with my sense of taste and smell.
Then my breathing began to fail.
I'm gasping for air afraid to go to sleep at night.
Fighting off fever, this isn't right.
I stayed inside listening to the medical experts.
Meanwhile, people behaved like jesters.
Showing no effort, now I'm paying the price.
Plus my bills are piling to new heights.
Am I going to survive this virus?
I'm dehydrated from my mouth's dryness.
Kidneys feel like they're failing, my urine is bloody.
Drinking hot teas filled with honey.
My body is overheated and I started vomiting
I should go to the hospital instead of waiting.
Praying to God I don't want to die like this.
Please don't let me go quietly into that abyss.
I refuse, let me fight with all my heart and soul.
My existence is in my control.
I will defeat this sickness and keep believing.
Only to find out that I was just dreaming.
Comatose from this virus, now I'm awakened.
Trying to get better, but I'm already shaken.

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