Isolated Soul

I close my eyes to face my demons hiding deep inside.
They yearn to escape from me, but I keep them at bay.
Wanting to keep my image pure for the world to see.
Even when there are days I just want everything to burn.

I close my eyes to face my dreams head on to only destroy them.
Fantasies never becoming reality, keep fooling myself in hoping.
Believing I deserve that happy ending I've always wanted as a child.
Now I just laugh at myself in the mirror; a broken reflection of a man.

I close my eyes to sleep again, quiet this loud mind.
Yet my heart is full of hatred for my fellow man.
Some days I want to throw everything away; start completely over.
Yet I'll feel guilty for doing people wrong, please forgive me.

I just need rest, I just need peace, I just need love.
Yet I keep my silent cries to myself and smile to the world.
'Cause in the end no one can help this isolated soul except me...

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired from listening to a lot of Metal at the time.