Why won't you kiss me in your sleep?
Have we really grown that far apart?
We used to keep each other happy and on our feet
I guess we don't have the energy or we just lost the heart...
We're gonna find it or we won't make it in this world otherwise
I'm falling apart and you try to make it seems like you aren't too
But I can see the pain evident in our body and the fight leaving
your eyes
We're both close to giving up and leaving this world too soon
I cry every night hoping that were not coming close to our demise
But how much of us is really alive to this day?
Not too much as we both walk around feeling like a cloud but
acting gay
The two of us were never insecure ALWAYS indestructible
We conquered the masses and fought for each other's happiness
But we soon fell apart and why do we seem to think that's acceptable?
We try to find ourselves on our own but soon realize we're fighting
to see through the fuzziness
We fight to remember who we are as we stare at the skies
Imagining a big gift box up there but where's the prize?
But of course it isn't gonna give us one, that'd be too easy
For that we'd have to look deep inside ourselves
But do we have the strength to hold back the beasty?
Or are we going to fall into a deep fiery hell?

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