Isolation Nation

My own mind wanders as I lay consciously on auto-pilot- to nothingness. But, then it explodes to an amazing state of mind full of yes. I feel a spark of life and excitement, when I realize I am alone with my own vices. There is no need to feel ashamed, I can let the blood flow down my nose without feeling blamed. I let the neurotransmitters in my brain become elated- Unfortunately, they slowly become deflated. No problem though, I always have my vodka to ease the harsh blow. Without it the comedown is as painful as some may know. Is it so wrong that I have never been so happy all alone? I really don’t mind staring at my phone. It may get boring from time to time, but I really don’t mind doing this rhyme. I have gone through many phases in my life, as I am sure everyone has. I literally took Jazz. Unfortunately, it did more damage then good. I wish it could have been as fun as it could. The fakeness of life I used to face everyday, is the last thing I want to experience in any way. Some people enjoy constant productivity in life, But in noway will I ever become somebody’s wife. I don’t mind people the odd time, but for some reason I feel like that is a crime. I love my family, friends, my dopamine, and my cat, And I am more than happy with that.

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These are just my thoughts about my life, society, happiness, vodka, stimulants, state of mind. Brutal honesty I suppose?