“It” A story about a girl with dyslexia

Her life started off great
With no care in the world
Though she was six,
She knew that she could do grand things.

With life in the palm of her little hands
Close friends, family, even sports,
Surrounded her with happiness.

In second grade,
She heard the horrible news.
This mind blowing, world rocking, life changing news.

The hate so heavy,
She wouldn't even say the name.
She thought this would stop her from doing anything she wanted to do.

But this girl decided to not give it control.
It was nothing to her, so she called it " It " .
This is her life, not “Its”

"It" was there in the back of her mind-
But it didn't shadow her from all her dreams.
She saw it just as something that made her unique.

Some years has passed,
"It" was starting to beat her down.
Making her feel stupid and dumb.

When test scores come back,
Her friends got 85’s, 90’s even 100’s
And there she was with a 60.

She kept thinking don't cry,
It will be OK.
You’ll get it next time.

Scores kept coming
And coming
Almost all the same as the last.

Then life came to tag along too.
Teachers saying “you just have to try”.
She wants to, but she just can't.

Around high school she's ready to expect defeat.
But one day ‘it’ just clicked.
She began to understand what ‘it’ had been keeping from her.

She looks back on that day
The day she realized she can handle ‘it’
Taking “it” one day at a time.

As for that girl she's doing fine now,
And "It" might have its moments,
But she knows she got this.

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