It Ain’t Over Until GOD Says So

By Da Poet   

I met her in the neighborhood around the way
little did we know our paths would cross again someday
She became my college sweetheart some 40 years ago
which quenched a need for love to have and grow

Donna was a cutie as I was enamored with her beauty
I wanted to keep her by my side
but as the story goes a problem would arise
and I was forbidden to see evermore

Thirty eight years have come and gone
needless to say, we both move on
I got married and took a wife
my life seemed to be alright

Come to find out Donna had married twice
and twice divorced the future not so bright
She sought GOD as her vice
because nothing else would suffice

For many years a reunion would take place
Donna would attend but they never saw my face
Accept one faithful day I received a call from my sister
and she said

Would like to attend the reunion party
I said yes and I did agree
After all 38 years I never did attend
but in 2012 my rules would bend

I traveled from Colorado Springs to Philly
to the place I grew up in the city
The plans changed so you know
my sister didn't want to go

She said, you should go and see old friends
and she convinced me in the end
As I arrived on the scene
I thought about what this day would bring

I enter the club and right away
I saw friends from back in the day
It was a joy to see their face
I was so happy to be in that place

Three or four hours had gone by
and party was nearing an end I wanted to cry
I was headed to the restroom and while passing that way
I heard an old acquaintance say

Hey man guess who's here
I heard no time for games for he was tipsy from drinking beer
Right done I turned away
and then I heard him say, Donna look who's here

Instantly I froze in my tracks
with this acquaintance at my back
Slowly I turned to see what I saw
and it was Donna after all

My heart almost stopped
as our eyes were fixed and locked
Oh my God can this be
it was my college sweetheart I was forbidden to see

We talked
we dance
and we exchanged numbers
as the night was near over I started to wonder

The love that I knew which was meant for me
had finally returned all because of (God) thee
The night was over but I wished it could last
HE brought my sweetheart back way from the past

Four months would go by
I never got a call
but one day we broke through that wall
A wall that had forcibly kept us apart
crumbled, fell down and we got a fresh start

There's much more to this story
but let me cut to the chase
We started dating again with God's grace
I visited her and she visited me
but the flame wasn't there like we thought it would be

She asked me to back off and give it a break
I truly thought it was over just to hear her say
Weeks went by without a word
it was the quietest place I had ever heard

I would send her flowers on special occasions
just let her know that my heart was grazing
Then one day a call came in
and it was Donna saying, we could begin again

Determined not to let this opportunity slip away
I invited her to the Springs to enjoy a few days
She agreed and her flight came in
I told myself this time we would win

I took her out to eat
and places never seen before
brought her back to my house
and proposed me amor

She said yes
and we were officially on our way
to restore the love that ended that day
We got married and we're here to say
the only way we'll part is when death comes our way


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