It belongs to me

I’m missing something I don’t recognize in this world
I’m missing something I long for with all heart.
I’m missing something greater than life.
Something that belongs to me, something that my brokenness wont let me see.
Something that I open my eyes to yet my heart cannot see.
Something that is within me yet my soul finds indifferent in the spirit of it all.
What could revolve in me that could also make me feel in such despair.
What could be this longing within that could cause this heart to fall apart.
What could be with such strength that pulls in every direction in order to find it self.
Is it love that my soul yearns for
Is it love that my heart resents the one it needs of yet the one it owes its brokenness to.
Is it love that feels betrayed, for the many times it loved it was deeply hurt.
Is it love that broke the essence of this heart that loved so greatly and found despair in spite of the feeling of love it once felt.

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This poem is about love, a feeling we all yearn for.