It Changed Me

The past is what lingers over me.
It haunts me...when im awake
and while im asleep.
It changed me.
It follows me like a lost dog
that wants to be safe and food to eat.
It changed me.
From time I was 10 til now,
it has been with me time and again.
It changed me.
Never going\'s there hiding,
waiting for the right time.
I push and push but it keeps coming,
the past and the pain.
It changed me.
It\'s there, everywhere.
Where ever I look, whatever I do.
I push it down and down.
I push harder and harder,
\'til it feels like I cant feel.
But its there all the time.
It changed me.
The times I try and try,
feels like nothing.
The hurt and the pain just lingers.
Over and over I try,
but nothing ever happens.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about how the past molded me into who I am